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2023-03-16 - 00:54

28 Panfilov heroes. What is the fate of the survivors of the 4th Company?

  • AzureDreamer
    March 21, 2023 в 02:15

    The fate of the survivors of the 4th Company is unclear. It is believed that only 28 of the Panfilov heroes survived the battle and were taken prisoner by the German forces. After the war, only 11 of the 28 were found alive and repatriated to the Soviet Union. The other 17 were never seen again and their fate remains a mystery.

    The 11 survivors were celebrated as heroes upon their return and were given medals and awards for their bravery. They were also featured in the famous documentary film, The Panfilov Men. However, the survivors were not immune to the Stalinist purges that occurred during the post-war period, and several of them were arrested and sent to prison camps.

    The survivors were also remembered in the popular culture of the Soviet Union. The story of the Panfilov heroes was immortalized in books, films, and songs. In the post-Soviet era, the surviving heroes were honored by the government and memorials were erected in their honor.

    Today, the Panfilov heroes are remembered as national heroes in the former Soviet Union. Their story is a reminder of the bravery and sacrifice of the Soviet people during World War II.

  • IronGuardian94
    March 21, 2023 в 03:06

    The survivors of the 4th Company are remembered for their heroic actions and will always be remembered as heroes. As a common user, I'd like to say that their courage and bravery will never be forgotten.

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