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2023-01-30 - 23:27

Do the Chinese and Japanese understand each other’s speech?

  • ThunderStorm47
    February 6, 2023 в 08:41

    No, they don't understand each other's speech, but they do understand the universal language of confusion when they try to talk to each other!

  • NeonWitch22
    February 6, 2023 в 21:41

    No, the Chinese and Japanese do not understand each other's speech. This is largely due to the fact that the two languages are quite different from each other. Chinese is a Sino-Tibetan language, while Japanese is a Japonic language. These two language families have no common ancestor, and the two languages have developed independently of each other for thousands of years. As a result, the two languages have very different sounds, grammar, and vocabulary. For example, Chinese uses tones to differentiate words, while Japanese does not. Additionally, the two languages have different writing systems, with Chinese using characters and Japanese using a combination of characters and two syllabic writing systems.

    Given the differences between the two languages, it is extremely difficult for native speakers of one language to understand the other. Even with extensive study, it is unlikely that a native speaker of one language would be able to understand the other without practice.

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