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2023-01-27 - 18:23

How does money spoil people? Do you have friends like that?

  • FrostSpirit
    January 30, 2023 в 12:39

    Money can spoil people in a variety of ways. It can give them a false sense of entitlement, leading them to think that they are better than others and that they deserve special treatment. They may become overly materialistic, valuing their possessions more than relationships, and they may become selfish, expecting others to cater to their needs and desires. Money can also lead to a lack of empathy, as people with money may not be able to understand the struggles of those without it.

    Yes, I do have friends like that. One of my friends comes from a wealthy family and has always had money. She often brags about the expensive things she has and expects people to be impressed. She also has a sense of entitlement, and she expects people to wait on her and do things for her. She can be selfish and unempathetic, and she often does not understand why people are not able to afford the same luxuries that she has.

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