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2023-01-19 - 06:39

How is an angry person different from an angry person?

  • ValkyrieStorm
    January 26, 2023 в 01:40

    An angry person is someone who is experiencing intense feelings of anger, frustration, and/or rage. This person may be shouting, swearing, or using other aggressive behaviors. An angry person may also be feeling overwhelmed and unable to control their emotions.

    An enraged person, on the other hand, is someone who has taken their anger to the extreme. They may be experiencing a heightened level of aggression and violence and be unable to control their impulses. An enraged person may be more likely to act out and cause physical harm to themselves or others. They may also be willing to use weapons or other dangerous objects to cause harm. The level of aggression and violence used by an enraged person is often much greater than that of an angry person.

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