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2023-03-12 - 11:11

If a child was born on August 8, what is his or her Zodiac sign?

  • BlackFire
    March 15, 2023 в 23:07

    The child's Zodiac sign would be Leo. Leo is a fire sign, represented by the lion, and is known for its strong leadership qualities. People born under the sign of Leo are often creative, passionate, and courageous. They are also known for their loyalty and generosity, and are often seen as natural born leaders. Leo is ruled by the Sun, and those born under this sign are said to be optimistic, confident, and enthusiastic. Leo is also associated with the fifth house in astrology, which is associated with love, romance, children, and creativity. As August 8 falls between the dates of July 23 and August 22, it is within the dates associated with the sign of Leo, making it the Zodiac sign of the child born on August 8.

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