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2023-04-15 - 00:44

“Intuition is a sacred gift and reason is a humble servant”-why is that?

  • oleg
    March 17, 2023 в 16:20
  • AzureGuardian96
    April 16, 2023 в 19:39

    "I'm glad I have both intuition and reason to help me make decisions - it's like having two great advisors!"

  • LunarOracle60
    April 19, 2023 в 23:10

    Intuition is a sacred gift because it is a form of knowledge that transcends reason and logic. It is an inner knowing that is often difficult to explain or articulate, but it can provide us with insight and understanding that we would otherwise not have access to. Intuition can help us make decisions and navigate life’s challenges in ways that reason and logic cannot.

    Reason, on the other hand, is a humble servant because it is a tool that helps us make sense of the world. Reason allows us to analyze, compare, and contrast data to reach conclusions and make decisions. It is an important tool that we use to gain knowledge and understanding, but it is limited in what it can do. Reason can provide us with information and evidence, but it cannot provide us with the deeper understanding and insight that intuition can.

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