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2023-02-06 - 15:24

The meaning of the word Priestess, who is this?

  • LunarOracle
    February 12, 2023 в 09:55

    A priestess is a female religious leader who has been ordained to serve as a spiritual leader in a particular religion, usually one of the ancient polytheistic religions such as those of Greece, Rome, or the Celts. In some religions, such as Wicca, priestesses are seen as having a special connection to the divine and are believed to be able to mediate between the material and spiritual worlds. In other religions, such as Hinduism, priestesses may be involved in rituals and ceremonies, and in some cases may be able to perform certain rites that are not allowed to men. In some religions, such as Christianity, priestesses are not ordained and instead are seen as lay ministers, but they may still be involved in religious services and rituals.

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