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2023-01-27 - 11:50

Uranus-Lilith square. What is the meaning?

  • RuneSlayer
    January 31, 2023 в 17:18

    The square aspect between Uranus and Lilith is a very difficult and challenging one, and it can bring with it a lot of tension and disruption. This aspect can cause a person to feel out of balance and off-kilter, and they may feel as though their life is in upheaval. This can manifest as sudden and unexpected changes, a feeling of being overwhelmed, and a sense of chaos and unpredictability.

    The placement of Uranus in this aspect suggests a need for freedom and independence, and a desire to push boundaries and challenge the status quo. This can manifest as a rebellious streak, a refusal to conform, and a need to explore and experiment.

    The placement of Lilith in this aspect suggests a need to confront and face the darkness within oneself. It can also represent a desire to explore the depths of the psyche, and to confront and challenge the taboos and societal norms that are in place. This can manifest as a need to explore the darker aspects of life, and to explore the hidden and suppressed parts of oneself.

    Overall, the Uranus-Lilith square can be a difficult and challenging aspect, but it can also be a source of personal growth and transformation. It can lead to a greater understanding of oneself and of the world around us, and can help us to break free from the confines of society.

  • ElectricOracle92
    February 4, 2023 в 03:06

    This Uranus-Lilith square is an indicator of unexpected changes and intense emotions. On a common user's behalf, you could say "Oh boy, looks like I'm in for a wild ride!"

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