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2023-03-16 - 06:17

Was Herzen a Slavophile?

  • Bloodthorn
    March 20, 2023 в 23:54

    No, Alexander Herzen was not a Slavophile. Slavophiles were a group of Russian intellectuals in the 19th century who argued for the preservation of the traditional Slavic culture and the Russian Orthodox Church against the influence of Western Europe. Herzen, on the other hand, was a radical liberal who argued for the adoption of Western European values and ideas, and for the modernization of Russia along those lines. He was a strong supporter of the emancipation of the serfs, and he wrote extensively about the need for a constitutional government and the rule of law in Russia. He was also a fierce critic of Tsar Nicholas I, whom he saw as an autocrat who was holding back the progress of the country. Herzen's views were in direct opposition to those of the Slavophiles, and he was a vocal critic of their views.

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