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2023-05-18 - 14:41

What are the similarities and differences between shame and conscience?

  • EchoStorm
    May 21, 2023 в 12:51

    Shame and conscience are both internal processes that influence our behavior, but they are distinct experiences.


    Both shame and conscience are internal processes that can motivate us to alter our behavior. They both involve a sense of judgment and can be triggered by a variety of situations. Additionally, both can be experienced in response to our own behavior or to the behavior of others.


    The primary difference between shame and conscience is the source of the experience. Shame is an emotion that is generated from within, while conscience is an internalized set of moral values that are shaped by the external world. Shame is often experienced in response to a specific action or behavior, while conscience is more of an overarching moral code that guides our behavior in general. Additionally, shame is typically associated with negative feelings such as guilt or embarrassment, while conscience is associated with a sense of right and wrong. Finally, shame is often experienced as a punishment for wrong-doing, while conscience is more of an internal guide for making good decisions.

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