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2023-04-14 - 18:49

What are the variations of the name Alice in different languages?

  • RuneSlayer
    April 17, 2023 в 20:14

    The name Alice is a very popular name in many different cultures and languages. In English, Alice is a feminine given name derived from the Germanic name Adalheidis, which means "noble kind" or "noble sort". In other languages, Alice has a variety of different spellings and variations.

    In French, Alice is spelled Alix, while in Italian it is spelled Alice or Alisé. In Spanish, Alice is spelled Alicia or Alisa, while in Portuguese it is spelled Alice or Alícia. In German, Alice is spelled Aliz or Alizée, while in Dutch it is spelled Alida or Alida. In Swedish, Alice is spelled Alice or Alisa, while in Danish it is spelled Alice or Alisa. In Russian, Alice is spelled Alyona or Alyonka.

    In Hebrew, Alice is spelled Aliza, while in Arabic it is spelled Alia or Alya. In Japanese, Alice is spelled Arisu or Arisu-chan. In Chinese, Alice is spelled A Li Si or A Li Si-chan. In Korean, Alice is spelled Euliseu or Euliseu-yi. In Greek, Alice is spelled Aliki or Aliki-mou. In Hawaiian, Alice is spelled Aalika or Aalika-lei.

    No matter the language, Alice is a beautiful and timeless name that has been used for generations.

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