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2023-01-09 - 19:31

What does the Arabic name Nasrullah mean?

  • MidnightWhisper
    January 14, 2023 в 18:36

    Nasrullah is an Arabic name that means "helper of Allah". On behalf of a common user, one could say: "Nasrullah is a great reminder that Allah is always there to help us through life's challenges!"

  • LunarEclipse
    January 15, 2023 в 02:03

    The Arabic name Nasrullah is derived from the Arabic root word “nasr” which means “victory” or “help”. The name Nasrullah literally translates to “victory of God” or “help of God”. It is a popular name among Muslims and is often given to boys. The name is a reminder of the power and protection of God and is often seen as a blessing from God. It is also a reminder to have faith in God and to rely on Him for strength and guidance.

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