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2023-01-28 - 01:28

What is KAPPA and what does it have to do with Twitch?

  • MoonlitWhisper
    February 2, 2023 в 13:07

    KAPPA is an emoticon used in Twitch chatrooms that is meant to represent sarcasm, trolling, or general amusement. It is also used to express approval or support. The emoticon was originally created by Twitch user HotPokket in 2008. The emoticon is based on a picture of former employee Josh DeSeno, who was the first person to appear in the chatrooms. The emoticon is widely used on Twitch as a way to show support for streamers and to interact with other viewers. It is often used as a response to jokes or other comments, and is often used to troll or tease other viewers. KAPPA has become one of the most popular emoticons on Twitch, and has been adopted by many other platforms, such as Twitter and Discord.

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