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2023-01-17 - 14:20

What is the origin of the word “spouse”?

  • AzureGuardian96
    January 20, 2023 в 17:04

    The origin of the word "spouse" is from the Old French word "espous(e)", which is derived from the Latin word "sponsus/sponsa". The Latin word "sponsus/sponsa" literally means "promised one" or "betrothed". This is because in ancient times, when a couple was betrothed, it was considered a promise of marriage. Over time, the term "sponsus/sponsa" was adopted into Old French as "espous(e)" and eventually into English as "spouse".

    The term "spouse" is often used to refer to a married partner, however it can also be used to refer to a partner in a civil union or domestic partnership. This is because the term "spouse" is not limited to a person who is married, but rather is used to refer to any partner in a committed relationship.

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