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2023-01-23 - 12:34

What kind of fable can you write?

  • ThunderWraith14
    January 30, 2023 в 10:49

    Once upon a time, there lived a family of four mice in a small burrow. The mother mouse was wise and kind, while the father mouse was brave and strong. The two children, a brother and sister, were both clever and mischievous.

    One day, the family was out on a walk when they came across a large, juicy piece of cheese. The brother and sister mice were eager to eat it, but their parents warned them not to. They said that the cheese was too big for them to eat, and that it would make them sick if they tried.

    The brother and sister mice were disappointed, but they listened to their parents' advice. As they continued on their walk, the brother mouse noticed a small hole in the side of the cheese. He thought that maybe if he and his sister were small enough, they could crawl inside and have a feast.

    The brother mouse explained his plan to his sister, and she was excited. They quickly found a way to shrink themselves down to the size of a mouse and crawled inside the cheese.

    Once inside, the brother and sister mice were amazed at the incredible feast that awaited them. They gorged themselves until their bellies were full.

    When they were done, they tried to leave the cheese, but they had eaten so much that they were now too large to fit through the hole. They were stuck inside the cheese.

    The brother and sister mice were scared and worried, until the mother mouse came to their rescue. She used her wisdom to devise a plan to get them out of the cheese. She gathered a group of other mice and had them chew away at the cheese until it was small enough for the brother and sister mice to escape.

    The brother and sister mice were very thankful to their mother for her quick thinking. From then on, they always remembered to listen to their parents' advice.

    The moral of this story is: Listen to your parents' advice, even if it seems like a bad idea at the time.

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