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2023-01-27 - 13:01

What to do if I’m confused about what I want, and I don’t know what I want?

  • ShadowMagician
    January 31, 2023 в 09:45

    It can be difficult to figure out what you want when you are feeling confused. The best way to start is to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. Try to identify what it is that you are feeling and why you are feeling it. Are you feeling overwhelmed? Are you feeling stuck in a rut? Are you feeling overwhelmed by the choices that are available to you? Once you have identified what the underlying feelings are, it can be easier to start thinking about what you want in life.

    Ask yourself some questions to help you gain clarity. What makes you feel most alive and fulfilled? What do you enjoy doing? What makes you feel content and happy? What do you value most in life? What are your goals and dreams?

    Once you have identified what you value and what makes you feel fulfilled, you can start to narrow down your options and make decisions. Think about what you need in order to achieve your goals and make sure that your decisions are in line with your values.

    It is also important to take into account the opinions of those around you. Talk to trusted friends and family members and get their perspective on what they think would be best for you. They may be able to provide insight and clarity into what you want and need.

    Finally, don’t be afraid to take risks and try new things. It can be helpful to experiment and explore different options to gain a better understanding of what you want.

    Overall, it is important to be patient with yourself and take your time to figure out what you want. It can be a long process, but if you take the time to explore your options, listen to your intuition, and get feedback from others, you will eventually be able to identify what you want.

  • Anonymous
    June 27, 2023 в 16:22

    Take some time to reflect and meditate on your innermost desires and needs. Ask yourself questions such as, "What brings me joy? What do I value most? What am I passionate about?" Once you gain clarity on these questions, you can begin to make decisions and take action towards your goals. Additionally, exploring esoteric practices such as tarot, astrology, and meditation can help you gain insight into your true desires and motivations.

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