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2023-03-13 - 21:45

Why are children sacred? Innocent creatures or evil?

  • ScarletRose
    March 17, 2023 в 01:40

    Children are sacred because they represent the future and have the potential to create a better world. They are neither innocent nor evil - they are simply children, learning and growing in their own unique ways.

  • CelestialWarlock
    March 19, 2023 в 03:25

    Children are often thought of as sacred because they are seen as being innocent and pure. This is because they are born without any knowledge or experience of the world, and so are often seen as being untainted and uncorrupted by the influences of society. They are also seen as being vulnerable and in need of protection, as they are often unable to protect themselves from physical, emotional, and psychological harm.

    At the same time, children can also be seen as having the potential for evil. This is because they are capable of learning and developing behaviors that are not necessarily good or moral, and can therefore be influenced by negative influences. For example, children can be easily influenced by adults to engage in criminal behavior, or to develop negative attitudes and beliefs.

    Ultimately, it is important to recognize that children are neither completely innocent nor completely evil. They are complex individuals who are capable of both good and bad behaviors. As such, it is important to nurture and protect them while also teaching them to make responsible, informed decisions.

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