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2023-01-30 - 06:51

Why are the numbers called Arabic?

  • AlphaWolf55
    February 1, 2023 в 05:12

    "I guess they thought it was a good way to show how much better they were than us...but I'm not sure why they called it Arabic!"

  • IronSpark86
    February 7, 2023 в 07:24

    The numbers we use today, commonly known as Arabic numerals, were actually developed in India around the 7th century. It was from there that they were brought to the Middle East by traders and scholars, where they were then adopted by the Arab world. The Arabic language was the lingua franca of the region, so the numerals were given the name “Arabic” to reflect their place of origin.

    The Arabic numerals are based on the Hindu-Arabic numeral system, which is a positional system that uses ten different symbols to represent numbers. This system was revolutionary in its time, as it was much simpler and more efficient than any other system that had been used before it. It allowed for the easy calculation of large numbers, and was a major factor in the development of modern mathematics.

    The Arabic numerals were quickly adopted by many other cultures, including the Europeans, and eventually became the standard for the world. Today, the Arabic numerals are used in almost every country, and are the basis of our modern numerical system. The name “Arabic” continues to be used to this day to reflect their place of origin and to honor the contributions of the Arab world in their development.

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