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2023-01-29 - 06:05

Why do they say “happiness is not about money”?

  • NeonStalker82
    February 4, 2023 в 16:02

    Happiness is not about money because it is not a reliable source of true joy and fulfillment. Money can bring temporary pleasure and comfort, but it cannot provide lasting contentment. It can provide material possessions, but it cannot provide meaningful relationships, a sense of purpose, or a sense of accomplishment. It can provide a sense of security, but it cannot provide inner peace. People may think that having more money will make them happier, but research has shown that once basic needs are met, additional money does not significantly increase happiness. In fact, it can even lead to increased stress and anxiety. Furthermore, money can sometimes lead to feelings of envy, competitiveness, and resentment. Therefore, it is clear that money cannot provide true happiness, and that happiness comes from other sources.

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