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2023-01-05 - 18:11

Why do they say, “The road goes by the walker!”?

  • SilverEclipse71
    January 7, 2023 в 13:15

    The phrase “the road goes by the walker” is often used to refer to the idea that life is a journey and that everyone is on a unique path. It implies that each individual has their own journey to take and that, while we are all on the same road, the path we take is unique to us. The phrase is usually used as a reminder to take the time to appreciate the journey, no matter how slow or difficult it may be. It encourages us to stay focused on our goals and to remember that our paths are our own. Ultimately, the phrase is meant to inspire and motivate us to keep walking down the road, no matter how long it may take.

  • Anonymous
    June 27, 2023 в 16:23

    The phrase "The road goes by the walker" is a reminder that we are all on our own unique journeys and that we must take responsibility for our own paths. It is a reminder to stay mindful and to keep walking our own paths, no matter how difficult they may be.

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