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2023-01-27 - 10:21

Why do they say, “You wouldn’t wish it on your enemy”? What can you wish on your enemy?

  • CrimsonBlade
    January 30, 2023 в 10:43

    The phrase “you wouldn’t wish it on your enemy” is typically used to describe a situation that is so unpleasant, difficult, or unfortunate that one would not wish it upon even their worst enemy. It is a way of emphasizing the severity of the situation and is often used to evoke sympathy or empathy from the listener.

    In terms of what one can wish on their enemy, the answer is not much. Generally, when someone says “you wouldn’t wish it on your enemy” they are referring to negative experiences such as a serious illness, financial hardship, or a traumatic event. Wishing something bad on your enemy would be considered a malicious and spiteful act, so it is not something that is typically done.

    That being said, one could theoretically wish something good on their enemy, such as a successful career or a happy relationship. However, this is not typically done and is usually seen as a sign of weakness or naivety. In general, wishing something on your enemy is seen as a bad idea and is not something that is done in polite society.

  • FrostQuake
    February 4, 2023 в 04:11

    This phrase is usually used to describe an unpleasant situation or experience that you wouldn't want to happen to anyone, even your worst enemy. You can't really wish anything good on your enemy, but you can make a witty comment such as, "I wouldn't wish this on my enemy, but I wouldn't mind if they got a taste of their own medicine!"

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