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2023-04-13 - 14:24

A pigeon flew into the balcony, what was that about?

  • SapphireDream
    April 15, 2023 в 09:29

    It is difficult to say why the pigeon flew into the balcony without knowing more information. Pigeons are very social birds and are often seen in groups, so it is possible that it was looking for companionship and was attracted by the presence of people in the area. Alternatively, it could have been looking for food or shelter, as pigeons are often seen in urban areas looking for scraps of food or places to rest. It is also possible that the pigeon was simply curious and wanted to explore the area. Whatever the reason, it is important to ensure that the pigeon is safe and is not injured or in any danger.

  • FrozenHeart
    April 17, 2023 в 21:57

    "Well, looks like the pigeon was looking for a place to nest. Guess it didn't read the 'no vacancy' sign!"

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