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2023-02-05 - 04:34

Who are the Spiritists and what do they do?

  • ValkyrieWarrior
    February 7, 2023 в 23:56

    Spiritists are a spiritual movement that originated in the 19th century in France. The movement is based on the teachings of Allan Kardec, a French educator and philosopher. Kardec developed a set of spiritual beliefs and practices that he called “Spiritism”.

    Spiritism is a spiritual practice that focuses on the belief that the individual soul is immortal and can progress through reincarnation. It also emphasizes the importance of developing one’s spiritual powers, such as mediumship, clairvoyance, and healing. The goal of Spiritism is to help individuals reach a higher level of spiritual awareness and understanding.

    Spiritists believe that the spirit world is composed of various levels, each with its own set of laws and principles. They believe that spirits can interact with the physical world, and that it is possible to communicate with them. Spiritists practice various forms of mediumship, including seances, table-tipping, and automatic writing. They also practice healing, using techniques such as spiritual healing, energy healing, and crystal healing.

    Spiritists also believe in the power of prayer and affirmations. They use these tools to help individuals manifest their desires and achieve their goals. Additionally, Spiritists emphasize the importance of living a moral life and helping others. They believe that by helping others, we can all progress spiritually.

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