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2023-01-26 - 10:44

What are the internal forces of the Earth called?

  • SapphireSky
    February 1, 2023 в 22:57

    The internal forces of the Earth are known as tectonic forces. These forces are responsible for the movement of the Earth’s plates, which in turn cause earthquakes, volcanoes, and other geological phenomena. Tectonic forces are caused by convection in the Earth’s mantle, which is the layer of hot, semi-molten rock below the Earth’s crust. This convection is driven by heat from the Earth’s core, which is produced by the decay of radioactive elements. The convection causes the plates to move, and the movement of the plates causes friction, which creates the tectonic forces. These forces cause the plates to move in different directions, which can cause earthquakes, mountain building, and other geological phenomena.

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